Garden - 01/08

Earth, water, materials and plants for a modern garden. Parabiago, Milano, Italy
Space and size strengthen each other as an extension of the house, where "nature", light, rhythm, art, science and technology converge...

The garden isn't the Nature, for how much they can be resembled; and even if sometimes it appears like a parody of the Nature, it's a book-keeping of a relationship in which is the Nature that represents the secret, invisible and sure point of reference. The garden pulls the sums, and it's the eternal corrective of the Nature. "Because... the garden is always an elementary constant human institution that, with victorious tenacity, asserts own existence against every obstacle"... Thus Rudolf Borchardf synthetically defines the concept of garden like a work of man who needs of continuous participations for being able to be such.
Every garden (meant as architecture of the green) is introduced like a complex association of constructive "hard" elements which buildings, walls, terraces, swimming pools, structural and furnishing elements and "soft" vegetable components like trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, stones, etc... The type and the style of this particulr place depend on different proportion and distribution with which these members have been planned and organized. It's necessary to bear this particularity in mind

for being able to realize an architecture of the green, without to forget: climate (temperature, latitude, altitude, twenty) microclimate, localization, exposure and type of land that have a considerable infuence on the times of increase, on the longevity and on the degradation of the vegetable elements.
In the space and the scale of this project there are Japanese influences fused skillfully with an informal english vegetation; from this garden with lively color, the white building emerges with its planar walls, and its elements nearly mathematic. The courses resume this primitive formalism and the geometric disposition is represent of the linear lamps that are on slope of access that takes to the parking. The coverings are to the service of the house and of the garden too; and so water, understanding like "skin" of a level, also here rectangular, follows the linear walls to perimeter of the building lot and takes the visitor in a ethereal zone relax that mixture the inside with the outside through glass windows. Which idea spring from these elements? The audacious and lively contrast of materials and colors between levels, composed from garden, water, slabs of stone, steel and sheets in tek, remember to the customer a garden known in past and always dreamed from him, the Designer assuming these points of view has changed the alive memories in happy future times...
arch. Frau Mario
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Lighting Designer & Garden Designer:
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Arch. Mario Frau
Mareco Luce; DZLicht (Artemide);Quattrobi; Allum
Philips Lighting; Osram LED Systems
March 2006
October 2007
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