New Town Hall in Eupilio, Como - ITALY

Architects/Aarchitectures - 02/05

Saturday, 16 January 2005 the opening of the New Town Hall in Eupilio took place, in an area, close to the Centre, where the Municipal Administration has already promoted the construction of Primary School and Junior Secondary School...
Function and costs have been very important, but now this "Public" architecture exists...
It's an irresistible harmony of strenght and weakness, "human flesh", metal, concrete and brick, electronic and transparences.
A complete blending of body, environment and technology!
The very shape of the project is moulded by the outside relationship with the horizon and an elliptical dynamic space.
This final deformation is the sign of the steady metamorphosis of the environment, and it's a daring passage, from a "virtual" planning to the "real" world, where new shapes are now appearing...

Info Mostra: Price "Maestri Comacini 2005"

arch. Frau Mario
Project Plan and Works Direction:

Construction Period:
Investment financial:
Amm. Comunale - Sindaco: Molteni Antonio
Arch. Frau Mario - infoweb:
Arch. Minotti Aldo - Arch. Minotti Matteo
Apag S.r.l.
03 Februay 2003 -
20 December 2003
1.111.299,85 Euro
Giorgio Tardonato - Eupilio (co)
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