Interior Design - 11/10
A "Fluid" office in Varese - Italy
Bases of this work are welfare of the working environment (thermal, lighting and sound comfort), the productivity of resources and cost containment...
The building in renovation phase is located in one of the main streets of the Old Town of Varese. The client is currently in an office with a poorly performing organizational solution to his needs and limited in terms of distribution development. The surface area of 500 square meters, besides the possibility of demolishing and rebuilding the building, had allowed to arrange with every comfort, with an eye for attention to the innovative (home automation) and environmental (energy and photovoltaic) aspects. This was for the customer a decisive factor for choosing this new space. This vast area has three blind sides; this, that apparently was one of the major limitations, has been overcome with the creation of a greenhouse bioclimatic on both sides, while in the third side, the natural light can get through three skylights...

To welcome the guest, at the entrance there is a polished steel reception, while a "FLUID distribution" in orange and translucent glass-walled (the color of corporate communication), surrounds and carries guest in the waiting area before meeting the different professionals working in this office. Furthermore in the false ceiling was made a groove that follows the curved walls of glass in which there is artificial lighting; the light washes away these walls of orange glass and creates a special shiny/mirror effect (thanks to a special film by 3M) that ensures the privacy of those who work in different offices surrounding, while from the same offices it is possible to see the customers in the waiting room. Some offices were used for meetings with customers, including the office of the Owner, and a conference room; both of which have views on the green area called "winter garden"...
Other offices are intended to collateral professionals and to operational purposes, like an office for the notary and another for the lawyer; every offices that overlook the greenhouse bioclimatic have doors / walls of glass to enjoy the natural light and ventilation, to ensure an adequate level of comfort during the activities course. The studio inside this office provides consulting and business tax as well as auditor, so it is provided a storage area both by paper, in a Compactus, and by computer (server room); this latter room also manages the automation of different functions such as opening up of the veranda, over the handling of shading, which on one hand provides a thermal wash of the environments in a natural way and the other a shield from the sun.
In addition the planned automation (domotic) runs the cooling/heating, lighting, security, telephony and sound broadcasting, as well as solar panels placed on the flat roof. The physical and emotional wellness have been held in great regard, in fact there is a room for briefing with the employees that will be used for both internal training courses and for any external requests, as well as equipped rest area and an area dedicated relaxation / fitness center with locker rooms and showers. The bold and vibrant contrast of colors and materials between the vertical and horizontal floors, made of glass, water, light, nature, stone tiles, steel and teak blades, etc... remind the customer of an area known in the past and that he always dreamt, the Designer has taken these points of view and has turned the lived memories in happy future times...
Currently the project takes part in the US AWARD 2010, interior design category...
arch. Frau Mario
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Arch. Mario Frau - Studio FRAU18•08 partners - info:
Arch. Mario Frau
Arch. Desire' Ambrosino
Des. Emanuele Lupidi
Ing. Eleonora Rumi
P.I. Dagrada Massimo
P.I. Comolli Fiorenzo
Ing. Puricelli Alberto
R.G. Costruzioni S.a.s.
S.r.l.; Tonon S.p.a.; Robots S.p.a.; Fiam Italia S.p.a.
MarecoLuce S.p.a.; Buzzi&Buzzi S.r.l.; FontanaArte S.p.a.; EgoLuce S.r.l.
Philips Lighting; Osram LED Systems
Jenuary 2009 / Jenuary 2011
1.300.000 Euro

Today, 2 Febrary 2011, in the headquarter of Il Sole24 Ore, took place the Award Cerimony of the 3rd edition of US AWARD 2010, in which partecipated more than 260 qualified projects. The prize-cerimony was hold by representants of AIPI (Associazione Italiana Progettisti d'Interni), Assoufficio, ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) Ergocert, FEMB (Federazione Europea dei Produttori di Arredo per Ufficio), GBC Italia (Green Building Council), GiArch (Coordinamento Associazioni Giovani Architetti), Great Pleace to Work Italia, and Ordine degli Architetti of Milan. Our project achieved the 4th place ex aequo among 15 selected finalists. During the event the project was shown to a public audience of professionists. The project will be published soon in italian and international several office and contract magazines.

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